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Foresight comes from experience

The personnel of Admiwin Ltd. includes experienced professionals with long careers in business life.

In our team we have more than 150 years of experience in business life both domestically and abroad. We have executed long careers as entrepreneurs, in family companies or in publicly listed companies. Partners and advisors have solid knowledge from capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, strategy work, analysis as well as from guiding leadership, financial control and financing, information technology and corporate governance.

Admiwin Team

Jukka Huuskonen, Partner, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Jukka Huuskonen is a credited professional of capital markets, management consulting, strategy leadership and forest cluster analysis since1990. He has served Finnish business life at Pöyry, Protos Stockbrokers, Arctos Securities, Nordea, UPM-Kymmene, Eera and Evli. Jukka’s experience covers company and equity transactions, leading strategy process, business and company analyses, management consulting, asset management and investor relations, incl. North America, and lately entrepreneurship (Admiwin Ltd. since 08/2012)

Contact Information: Mobile: +358 40 504 4095, e-mail:

Vesa Hietalahti, Senior Advisor

Vesa Hietalahti is a true professional of international business. He brings to Admiwin a strong knowhow in export growth strategies and implementation. He has worked nearly 20 years at UPM-Kymmene in business  development, sales and sales leadership. In addition, Vesa has experience in managing and creating strategies to small-to medium sized companies. He worked in excecutive team of Helo for about 5 years, was the CEO of Enercomp and as head of export sales at Build Care Oy. Vesa joined Admiwin in 2021.

Mobile: +358 405390620

Jan Sillman, Senior Advisor

Jan Sillman is an internationally experienced Senior executive from industry and consulting. He has versatile qualifications in running business and developing strategies. Besides general management, he has held a functional management role in marketing, sourcing/procurement and supply chain optimization (Finnpap, UPM-Kymmene). In addition Jan has served as a Board Member is several affiliated companies (incl. Paperinkeräys Oy).

Contact information: Mobile: +358 40 502 8265, e-mail:

Jukka Hallman, Senior Advisor

Jukka Hallman is the fifth leader in line of a traditional family-owned enterprise. The businesses of Hallman Corporation have covered many areas: wood processing, bakery, wholesale and retail, restaurants, real estate and lately more innovative business areas. At Admiwin Ltd., Jukka’s role is predominantly to be the representative of Eastern Finland.

Contact information: Mobile: +358 44 055 3996, e-mail:

Martin Granholm, Senior Advisor

Accredited high-level member of the Finnish business society. Former CEO of Kymmene Corporation, Vice CEO of UPM-Kymmene, chairman of National Railroads (VR) and Åbo Akademi. Currently the Board Member of Rettig and Algol, for example. Martin is very versatile and networked influencer.