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Mergers and aquisitions

Admiwin offers companies the possibility for sale or other similar arrangements to private equity or industrial investors. Acquisition advisory is also part of our operations. The process we offer includes:

  • agreement of the mandate (retainer fee, success fee)
  • teaser, information memorandum, valuation
  • investor contacting
  • meetings and negotiations
  • indicative offers
  • due diligence coordination
  • further negotiations and agreement of purchase price
  • documentation and closing coordination

Real estate transactions

Admiwin offers vie its broad network the possibility to divest residential complexes, office or industrial real estate. Pricing is based on NOI-rental yield, location and other attractiveness. Admiwin’s network covers over 100 domestic and international real estate investors.

Capital raising

Admiwin selectively operates in capital raising activities to corporates, including early stage companies. Financing can be based on share capital, bonds and convertibles or something in between.

Strategy chrystallisations and Business Intelligence

Admiwin has offered to numerous customers its services as experienced strategy and analysis expert. Our reference section gives examples of few. Our services include among others:

  • growth strategy sparring
  • portfolio strategy
  • valuation
  • acquisition target analysis
  • corporate analysis