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Coincidence rarely plays a role – accepting the facts is the basis for success

Our operating environment is changing at an accelerating pace and we compete in a global world

In order to make good decisions quality status analysis and dialogue are required. When analysis is extensive, focusing on essentials and of high quality, good decisions with regarding to change situations can be made. Competitive analysis also offers tools for executing and implementing decisions.

We do business area-, competitor- and company analyses, as well as other relevant work aiming at improving strategic understanding.


Company valuation is an exercise for professionals, which is based on audited financial results, cash flow, cost of capital, valuation multiples and objectivity. In addition to internal factors, operating environment and underlying market situation affect the value. Future visions and forecasts are crucial when determining company valuations. When operating in the debt markets, ability to source financing is also very important.

We do not carry out mechanic valuations only based on official figures. Our approach is to always meet company executives and have in-depth discussions about the internal and external operating environment that serve as foundation for valuations.

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